My love and appreciation for crystals started over 20 years ago with my import of crystal chandeliers. Over the years I have gained a lot of knowledge of the quality and varieties of crystals available, with Swarovski Crystals leading the trends and markets.

When I was travelling in Prague, Czech Republic, I came across beautiful, eye catching and colourful crystal jewellery that I knew would appeal to our rainbow nation here in South Africa.

After negotiating the sole agency in South Africa I am now able to offer you this impressive world class sterling silver jewellery created with crystals with Swarovski Elements.

With most new ideas one requires a strong supportive team behind you to reach success. I would like express my gratitude to everybody who assisted in making this exciting venture, of which I am so passionate about, become a reality.

With this being my first online business, I have Maike Schulze, Managing Director of Thinkmob to thank for her valuable input and professional service of creating this online site that we have today.

Elna Cronje our in-house Graphic Designer, who with her talent and creativity designed our online shop with beautiful art work, flyers and banners and managed to bring alive the beauty and splendour of the crystals with Swarovski Elements.

Bernadette Crouch for assisting me with checking spelling, checking grammar, checking crystals colours and sizes, resourcing, “Googling”, proof reading and planning. Did I say Checking…………

And last but not least my dear family, my wife Kokhava with her artistic flair for colours and styles and my son Ben Kalmi for always pushing me forward and bringing in the youthful edge to the business.

Eli Kalmi

K Crystals Online